Fayetteville Roofing Contractors has been promoted by CertainTeed known as select shingle master to the highest level of certified roofing companies.

With a select Shingle Master, the Centennial Home Improvement represents the very highest standards of excellence, quality and expertise in the shingle roofing industry.

Through thorough testing, Fayetteville Roofing Contractors has shown extensive knowledge of shingle. Construction and reliability and proven the payment and liability insurance for workers with CertainTeed.

Only a select shingle master can provide you with the highest level of extended guarantee. Coverage with sure start PLUSTM when an Integrity Roof system is installed at home.

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Asphalt Shingle

CertainTeed is the leading asphalt shingle manufacturer in the United States. CertainTeed produces the largest asphalt shingle line in the industry. They then changed their name in 1917 to reflect the motto of their company called the “General Roofing Manufacturing Business.”

Quality assured, satisfaction guaranteed certainteed was the leader in color innovation with complex color mixing technology and the introduction of bold shingle colors like reds blues and greens.

In the last 20 years, steel roofing has had an enormous impact on our profession from Stone Coated Steel to Raised Panel Secret Fastener Metal Roofs.

There are a number of benefits for selection of a metal roof, such as a wind warranty class, hail guarantee, an energy efficiency sight weight, ice damning resistance, aesthetic moisture imperfection and not forget the resale value.

Standing Seam Metal roofing

You will also install the last roof for 40 to 70 years and do not forget to ask your insurance company if they offer discounts for the construction of a metal roof.

We had the chance to install Asphalt Shingles, Stone Coated Steel and standing seam metal roofing here at Fayetteville. Our customers living in Fayetteville and surrounding towns.

With a wide range of offers and our extensive services ranging from asphalt roofing to metal Kansas Metal Roofing. Standing seam panels can be purchased in a range of designs, with over two decades of cool roofing color options or classy bare metals.

Green and Renewable

They can be custom made of either copper aluminum or galvalume steel on-site. Covered with kynar or energy rated surfaces in order to meet the latest building requirements.

The result is a roofing system panel which now supplies one of the most durable. Lightweight and splendid roof panels on the market.

Standing seam roofings are designed and assembled in order to achieve “green” and renewable quality. To meet all building codes and optimize energy conservation.

Metal roofing can help reduce the consumption of energy by increasing cooling loads. Metal roofing offers many attractive functions including architectural appeal, a variety of profiles, textures and colours, flexibility and robustness.

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