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Natural slate roofing is cut straight from stone and mineral, bringing the power of nature to your home and roof, with its stunning appeal and excellent durability. A costlier option than most, they are well worth the price and sit upon the homes of some of America’s most influential and historic homes!

Why Natural Slate Shingles


Like we said above, they are incredibly durable and long lasting. They are cut in quarries and made from solid stone and mineral, giving them an excellent finish and color. They also withstand rain and storm better than other options, leading to a long lasting and easy to maintain rooftop that you never have to worry about again.


They can be costly, cut from solid stone and mineral. While the rougher styles are usually cheaper, the more refined design and styles are more costly. They are also extremely heavy, meaning not every roof can handle it. We highly recommend that you first have your roof inspected before you even think of having it installed to prevent caving or damages.



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A bit trickier to install than other options, we here at Fayetteville Roofing Contractors are more than capable of handling any and all issues pertaining to natural slate roofing. So long as your home can handle it, give us a call and watch the magic happen!

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