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Slate/Shingle Metal Roofing Fayetteville NC

Shingles are an iconic design in roofing culture. Available in nearly every material and metal out there, it had become a staple in American design culture. With the onset of metal roofing, shingles once more proves why it is such an excellent choice for all those looking for a quick and easy installation with a turnkey roofing option.

Coming in a wide variety of designs and colors and styles, it is easily the most visually stunning option we have to offer. From appearing as tiles to asphalt and wooden looking variants, there is an option for anyone.

Shingle Metal Roofing

We plan it all before a hammer is lifted or drill is powered up to ensure optimal results at a fraction the time and effort. A good plan is key to our success as installers and as they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Our team begins by carefully evaluating and prepping the roof, to ensure it is stable and able to handle the weight of the shingles. Next, we sit down and talk you through the installation and its costs, offering an estimated time frame and completion date. Everything is written down so if you ever feel lost, you’re fully able to go back and examine the planning and reasons for each decision!

We even offer a guarantee! We’re fully confident in our work and should any damages occur, we’ll offer you a full repair, absolutely free! Contact us today for a free quote and inspection and watch the magic happen!

shingle metal roofing fayetteville nc

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